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Produttore Nostalgic-Arts
ID Produttore 26224
Tipo Targa metallica
Dimensioni 15x20cm
Colore Nero
Materiale Foglio
Contenuto della consegna 1 Pezzo

Nostalgic Art: metal sign Goodyear Motorcycle (15x20cm)

What do extinguisher hoses, poker chips and tires have in common? All were made by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company! Frank Seiberling bought a decommissioned factory in Ohio, Ohio, in 1898 and, together with his brother Charles, laid the foundations for today's global enterprise. They first began manufacturing bicycle and stroller tires and named their company after the American inventor Charles Goodyear. In 1901 they made the first car tires, these were even used on the racing car of Henry Ford used. Today Goodyear tires are synonymous with quality, safety and reliability. The blue and yellow logo with the "wing feet", which was inspired by the Greek god Hermes, now finally finds its way into the Nostalgic Art Collection!

About metal sign:

If it is on account of the illustrated brands and products or simply on account of a nice motive, metal signs have the sympathies on her side. For many years are metal signs popular decoration objects and offer an ideal possibility to bring taste and personality in own four walls. Tuned on the respective motive suitable areas at several levels are emphasised relief-like. The motive thereby becomes more sculptural and the surroundings light shines in the contour areas. This high-class sign distinguishes our signs clearly from many competitors.

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